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   Magic Mirror Studio supplied gifts for Shanghai People's Congress
Education scy writes

Congratulation to Magic Mirror Studio of Taikanglu

for successfully completed the official gift for

 The 13th Shanghai People's Congress

Posted by scy on ( 4842 Reads)

Education rafaelvegav writes Hello! My name is Rafael and I will be working on the taikanglu.com website promotion, we have been adding useful tools that can make our website more friendly and easier to find the information that you are looking for.

Now it is easier to find a place in the area just by giving a click on the shop logo and then you will find the map option, making it easier for you to find a place at the Tai Kang Lu and Tianzifang area.

Also at taikanglu.com we are working hard to start creating events for the promotion of the area and in this way be able to create a big community, if you have any idea or suggestions please feel free to contact us.

Rafael V
Posted by rafaelvegav on ( 5016 Reads)

   Private Forum for Shop Owners now Functional
Education mchongyi writes
We have just opened a private forum for all shop owners with Taikanglu.com to discuss private affairs and matters. We have added many shop owners into the group and you can discuss privately in our forum. However, if you are a shop owner and do not have access to the private forum please contact us or message us. We will promptly add you into the Shop Owners group so that you will have access to our private forum.

Thank You,

Taikanglu.com Staff
Posted by mchongyi on ( 5148 Reads)

   New Taikanglu.com Forums and New Features to Come
Education mchongyi writes

Greetings! We at Taikanglu.com are working towards the continuing development of our community. As we proceed with new features and future events, we have just opened an English section in our forum for members who wish to discuss Taikanglu shops in our area. For shop owners, we have specifically created a private forum for all participating owners to discuss any events, affairs or incidents regarding Taikanglu which will soon be active. We encourage everybody including all members of the Shanghai community to participate, as the strength and size of our community relies on you! We hope to include even more features in the future within the following weeks and months. Please do not forget: if you are a shop owner and wish to join the Taikanglu.com community, do not hesitate to contact us at 64712512. We are eager to help you setup your own personal account and site.

Taikanglu.com Staff
Posted by mchongyi on ( 4991 Reads)

   Taikanglu.com Beta Testing
Education Admin writes

Hi! We are proud to present Taikanglu.com.  At the current stage of development, Taikanglu.com is only available to shop owners around Taikanglu. If you are a shop owner on Taikanglu or Tianzifang and have not contacted our staff, please call 64712512 and we will be happy to set up your own account and assist your staff to set up your own personal home page on Taikanglu.com. For a brief introduction to Taikanglu.com you can visit http://intro.taikanglu.com.

If you already have an account you can follow the link: http://admin.taikanglu.com . Taikanglu.com is expected to launch in early May. Please work on your own shop home page before the launch date. Although Taikanglu.com is already a fully functional website, our map and many programming features are still under construction. Most of the information on the website are only demos. If you have information or content you wish to share, please do not hesitate and submit your content onto the site. If you have any problems or troubles doing so, please contact my staff or myself at 64712512.

We are looking for volunteers to work on Taikanglu.com as forum hosts and writers. Please contact us if you are interested. Taikanglu.com is designed to be expendable to allow other languages to be used on the site as well. If you are interested and are a native speaker of the language, we will be happy to have you join us to make this happen.

Sau Chi Yong

Posted by Admin on ( 7862 Reads)
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